Sunday, July 11, 2010

FUUUUUCK it's been a while

Well shit - sorry guys. It's been like forever since I've posted and yet sadly I still can't even really post all that much of what I'm actually doing. At least right after comic con I'll be able to post my 16 page SS comic, as well as a couple of art pieces I did for the art book. This years books are gonna be CRAZY at SDCC. Where as last year we were peddling 1 40 page book - we somehow managed to crank out not one, but TWO 80 page books for this year. Factor in that we now have a 10x10 foot table as opposed to the piddly 8x2 from last year, and we have a recipe for one hell of a july 21st-26th. Pretty stoked.

Anyways there have been a lot of new developments over at that you should really check out. Lots of new gameplay footage and lots of new posts about the innerworkings and process that goes behind making the game. In any case I'll cross post the image I pooped out for the concept art post - our first miniboss - The Duncan.

Other than Johnny Outlaw I've been doing a lot of work in comics lately. Started up a comic project with Mark Andrew Smith lately, and have been secretly trudging along on that. I'm also STILL working on Sharknife Double Z with Corey, and I'm happy to say we're like, 10 pages away from finished :D so stoked. In any case I've been practicing inking for a bit and figured I'd post some of that up as well.

seriously if anyone understands this Final Fantasy X + Wild at Heart crossover I'll be shocked. Please hit me up if you are the one person who this makes sense too haha.

anyways I'll try and post up some stuff from my comic with mark soon, to whet all your appetites, cuz its gonna rock. Other than that I may start saving my warmups, so I'll start compiling and posting those, so while stuff may be NDA, i'll at least have SOMETHING to post in the mean time.


  1. Keep up the good work man! ;)

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