Monday, August 24, 2009

Rocky Raccoon and other Junk

New Gunmetal character - I'll explain everything about everyone when their character sheets come about (or maybe not everything, but a basic idea of fighting style and who they are):

A quick(ish) sketch done in Mouse's (nick losq) traveling sketchbook.  I thumbed it out on the left and then did it on the right.  Zephyr and Lupe in the back :]

and then this was a banner for over at

anyways more coming soon kids :] stay tuned

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Thunder Bringer

Brooke from Geist - just took a notebook sketch I liked that I did after doing the FLB + Space Chick piece and remembered thinking 'man I should color this like I did that other piece' - anyways iono I enjoyed making it any case, and I learned a few things along the way - so I really can't ask for too much more from a piece :D

thanks to shane hillman for the crits on this, helped fix it up a bit after I thought I was done.

edit: okay for real I'm done changing this one anymore haha, thanks to kris for even more input and fixes :P

The Excess

Well heres a bunch of random crap that mostly happened at SDCC, but theres a lot of just mismatched stuff, just felt it all should get posted

I did this one right after barnaby had left the booth. He had just drawn sketchs for us in his book and I felt like trying to mimic his approach. This actually turned out to be very fun and relaxing. Anyways its zoe:
Completely random shit sketches - bottom left stemmed from kris anka drawing a squigly line on the page and telling me to turn it into something, and the bottom right is from Tom fucking up a pose for a naked lady he drew me, so I made something overit during the drink and draw (which was kinda a bust compared to Shane Corn's saturday night extravaganza)

old sketches i found in a tiny sketchbook that never got scanned:
SQUIGGLY! Alex's character from skullgirls - if you havent already checked it out you should. I drew this for him at AX when I first met him - so I was way nervous and it shows in the shit line quality haha:
finally some pictures i drew before starting on a couple of the pieces for the SS book, trying to design a sir psycho and was just dicking around with bombface - but I had forgotten I never scanned these:
buhhh thats all for now

Monday, August 10, 2009

People are Awesome

I got a lot of sweet sketches from people at SDCC :D and a bunch of sketches of my characters, which is always way fun to see - so i figured I'd post them up here :] Thanks so much to everyone who did these for me, you guys are the best


Alex Ahad (oh8):
Jason Ibarra (Upon):

thanks so much again all you guys :D and anyone looking at this should check out their art if you get the chance, they're all amazing :O

Environments (long overdue)

So heres a way late post dump of some environment sketching I've been doing lately. SDCC has kept me from doing more than this, but I figured I'd post it up anyways.

the following one is mostly copies from a couple of books in order to get a better idea of how to thumb out environments - though a few are just from photo
also on this one top page middle thumb isn't mine, it was a demo done for me by a friend

This last one is an interior design for Sean's shop from gunmetal, I still got a lot of work to do on it but I kinda like the direction its going, its just a rough idea for now anyways and I'll expand from here hopefully. Blahhh enviros are tough

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Roughs and Rejects

I'd forgotten to post this one before comic con, but basically I have to redo it anyways - superfly's updated design for the still untitled king cool game - gotta start from scratch tho :o so enjoy these old lines while they are around
this is in part for my environment class and in part for gunmetal - i'll explain more when its done...