Monday, January 4, 2010

Lava Funk and Scraps (oh and Prince)

So my final project for painting last quarter I basically forced my way into a sweet creature design, which later stemmed its way into a SS book 3 piece, though I'm completely redoing it, so I can go ahead and post it.  Anyways heres the design, the quick digital piece I made to work off of, and a horrible photo of the 4 foot tall oil painting:

and something I somehow overlooked posting earlier throughout the dump, PRINCE!:

A New Medium

SCULPTING!!  So I took a sculpting class last quarter, and heres 2 of the projects I did, first is of a character I'll explain more of soon enough (hopefully anyways), and the second a giant lego funky love bot

oh and I guess a painting of ippei gyuobu made 3d

Ears and Hair and Tits and Ghosts

So I did the same thing here with hair and ears that I did earlier with hands and feet, basically copying other artists hair and ears with an emphasis on figuring out the construction of them:

Mariachi guy I did in a livestream jam with Dani - he made another mariachi and we were gonna color the other persons, but it kinda fell through at the end:
This was something I had planned to do for halloween but quickly abandoned for a number of reasons, some of the designs are salvageable though.  It was basically just a line up of a bunch of random ghosts I could use for Geist:
and of course another SG speedpaint:
this dump is taking FOREVER, I didn't realize just how many pictures I had left unposted.

Gunmetal Dumpage

and of course as part of my month overdue dump theres some gunmetal stuffs.  First I got a fancied up rocky raccoon (to fit more with the lupe):
Lupe Fiasco's first pass design:
and character sheet with redone arms (nick losq was nice enough to ink this up for me, and did a really awesome job):
crappy zephyr that I failed at countless times in my sketchbook haha (hence all the red):
and some thumbs for some pinup style thing i was planning to do of Lupe now that her design is more finalized... I really should do something though:

Moleskine'n (dump continues)

and on and on the long overdue art dump goes

Long Overdue

some hand and feet studies - basically copying someone else's art with emphasis on figuring out the construction on everything (i feel it helps me a lot):

just some freeze frames from Psych for gesture shit:
Vegeta and Nappa for a jam over at gargabox:
and 2 naked ladies :D

the long overdue dump continues...

Long time no see

Horribly long time no post - so I'm about to drop like 5 posts in a row to make up for lost time :D

This stuff is from a shirt design I had tried to make, but in the end ended up losing the file.  In any case I composed the shirt poorly when really i should have made these 3 individual shirts.  In any case I could easily just reuse these designs later if i want to give this another shot.

Then two old King Cool things,  a quick sketch of two of the Juicers; sammy and buffalo st clair respectively.
and what was my first attempt at pixel art with a somewhat fat and way oversized King Cool sprite.