Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bleed Over

Here's the other two pieces from the SS book I did. The first one's steps can be found earlier, but here's the final product. All in all I like the way it turned out, but it was way overcooked and I don't entirely love looking at it anymore haha - though hopefully people with fresh eyes can still appreciate it fully.

The next piece was a collab with Daniel Stone, and I did it last second because he lost the file and needed it done by the end of that night, so there aren't any steps because I just sat down and cranked this all out in one sitting (I tend to save jpgs to post up for critique between sessions) anyways I love this piece to death, so I was more than happy to finish it up for him.

anyways guys, I'ma start working way more extensively on both gunmetal and the as of yet unnamed king cool game - so expect to see a lot more posts soon (now that I can finally post and finally have free time haha)

GenderBend: Lady Devastator

Here's the steps for the genderbend of devastator funk, hes the red robot on the far (stage) left of the screaming kid missile piece I just posted prior, in case you wanted reference of him as a boy.

also this first image contains the thumbs for this piece, kid missiles piece, and also some left over thumbs for when I still thought I had time to redo the suicide girlz evil space chick piece (though I will use the hell outa those poses later - i think they've got some potential.)

Screaming-Punching Kid Missile

SDCC was a blast, and now that it's over I can (finally) post up the pieces from the SS book - along with their steps :O so here's the steps for the screaming punching kid missile piece haha (thanks to kyle foster for the name haha).

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Geist and King Cool updates as well!

And by updates I mean more sketches from during class


King Cool:

And then heres just random left over crap from the 50 pages of scans I did today ahah:
scary thing is there's still more to scan... more soon haha

Gunmetal starting up...

So I'm starting up designing within the Gunmetal universe again now that the book is finally done, as I need to start building up a portfolio for art center.  Anyways I figured first thing I should get hammered out was some kind of logo I could paste onto each piece to get some kind of unity going between each.  At the same time I figure the design on the back of Zephyr's shirt needs to be designed along with this and go with the title.  I want it to be something both iconic and simple (for ease of drawing since it'll be in every shot of him from behind, and I don't want it drawing too much attention due to detail either).

here are some drawings from gunmetal that I had done in class the last few months before summer but never bothered to scan up till now - anyways expect all of these characters to get character sheets and weapon sheets made up for em (illustrations too :O):
this is just trying to work out the inner workings of zephyrs fists, still not happy with this but trying to understand how this would work helps me a lot (and also i want it to actually make sense to me, so it could work, and so i can break it apart whenever and the interior of it will be planned out, and how it would break/get injured):
These I found when looking through an old notebook for notes from last year.  These are all over a year old, but I figured they were fun to look at together, so I threw them into one piece and it kinda will help show the evolution of the characters and stuff as they develop later (read soon):

anyways more soon

Monday, July 6, 2009

Finally Back!

So the Satellite Soda book is finally done and damn does it look great.  I can't wait for SDCC so I can post up all the final pieces that went into it.  Anyways the last piece I posted up ended up not making it in, so I can post up the finals for it.  I was partial to the peach toned one I had done anyways...
but technically random space chick is supposed to have blue skin - so here's what it woulda actually looked like had it gone in - so it wasn't such a big deal.
anyways heres some sketches that went into finishing the lady devastator piece I also posted earlier:
Some random sketches, with tons of bombfaces done around the same time:
Lastly while scanning this stuff in I stumbled upon some sketches from earlier in the year when I was working on Cale's game that I never scanned, so I figured I'd throw them up here now:

anyways now that I'm finally done with the book I'll be able to post a lot more frequently.  Sorry for not posting for the longest time up till now also, and especially to my new watchers haha thanks for watching throughout this dry spell :]