Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Gunmetal starting up...

So I'm starting up designing within the Gunmetal universe again now that the book is finally done, as I need to start building up a portfolio for art center.  Anyways I figured first thing I should get hammered out was some kind of logo I could paste onto each piece to get some kind of unity going between each.  At the same time I figure the design on the back of Zephyr's shirt needs to be designed along with this and go with the title.  I want it to be something both iconic and simple (for ease of drawing since it'll be in every shot of him from behind, and I don't want it drawing too much attention due to detail either).

here are some drawings from gunmetal that I had done in class the last few months before summer but never bothered to scan up till now - anyways expect all of these characters to get character sheets and weapon sheets made up for em (illustrations too :O):
this is just trying to work out the inner workings of zephyrs fists, still not happy with this but trying to understand how this would work helps me a lot (and also i want it to actually make sense to me, so it could work, and so i can break it apart whenever and the interior of it will be planned out, and how it would break/get injured):
These I found when looking through an old notebook for notes from last year.  These are all over a year old, but I figured they were fun to look at together, so I threw them into one piece and it kinda will help show the evolution of the characters and stuff as they develop later (read soon):

anyways more soon

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