Saturday, May 23, 2009

Badfunk (badbeef? wtf vidar) Shitfest

So the piece I posted last time started so so simple haha - was just gonna be a pinup of badfunk posed all slick like haha.
that of course got jumped on for a) boring pose and b) fuck pinups - so I came up w/ somewhat more of a story with the piece, but the piece was too calm, too boring, too confusing.  Idea was basically to have bombface tagging badfunks back though, and that was the idea to stick with.
My first thought was just change the perspective ya?  That makes for good compositions right? (FUCK NO).  Anyways I impressed myself with the perspective on this so I actually liked it until stone snapped me back into reality, as the up shot doesn't really help the piece at all and just adds more questions.  The mirrored poses don't help either haha
What ended up being done based on some drawovers from stone was the idea to stack 3 of them ontop of eachother in a comic back sort of style.  I have lines for the final one but I figured I'd include this one with a different last panel instead.  Actually looking at it now I COULD change it to something like this to remedy a lot of the problems the piece is currently having... but then i lose my great crushed wall... I hate this piece ahah
more soon now that I decided I can post what I'm working on I'll be able to update much more frequently.

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