Friday, May 8, 2009

Learning Composition 2

Gurren Lagaan time!

More to come soonish

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  1. stone sez:
    "good stuff
    yeah look at the proportions between the black and white parts
    and the silhouettes are broken up into interesting parts
    and interesting shapes
    2nd row from the top and to the left
    the large character in the BG
    and the two characters in mid and foreground
    and it goes from large medium and smal
    the smallest figure in front of the largest to create a good contrast
    the one with King Kitan
    it could've easily been a very symmetrical pose
    but it's tilted slightly
    and the silhouette avoid symmetrical shapes
    the one at the bottom right with the drill
    classic example of large shape vs small shape
    really good contrast
    also the large shape is fairly simple... it's a triangle
    but the small shape has lots of angles
    bold and simple versus detailed
    even the top left one
    the figure is broken into small/medium large shapes
    large = head
    medium = the forearm in front
    small = the arm in the back
    same with the top right"

    so for future posts of this I'll be taking notes for myself of why I did these and whats working good for them and so on and so forth