Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Excess

Well heres a bunch of random crap that mostly happened at SDCC, but theres a lot of just mismatched stuff, just felt it all should get posted

I did this one right after barnaby had left the booth. He had just drawn sketchs for us in his book and I felt like trying to mimic his approach. This actually turned out to be very fun and relaxing. Anyways its zoe:
Completely random shit sketches - bottom left stemmed from kris anka drawing a squigly line on the page and telling me to turn it into something, and the bottom right is from Tom fucking up a pose for a naked lady he drew me, so I made something overit during the drink and draw (which was kinda a bust compared to Shane Corn's saturday night extravaganza)

old sketches i found in a tiny sketchbook that never got scanned:
SQUIGGLY! Alex's character from skullgirls - if you havent already checked it out you should. I drew this for him at AX when I first met him - so I was way nervous and it shows in the shit line quality haha:
finally some pictures i drew before starting on a couple of the pieces for the SS book, trying to design a sir psycho and was just dicking around with bombface - but I had forgotten I never scanned these:
buhhh thats all for now

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