Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Doodle Dump Continues

Zephyr (reposted cuz I fixed it up a bit more - was kinda dirty):
Sean doodles:
Haha this is of some of the faculty of my art department here at UW - the dude on the left fucking love cubes - hence the shape...
Random shit:
Figured if I was stopping working on it I may as well give it a quick spit shine before never touching it again haha:


  1. Fffffu you've been busy! nice colours on the chick and all the sketches posted are dope. Love the Cube head :D.

  2. Spit shine on a scantly dressed lady eh? :p
    Love dem sketches man, always nice to see sketches, gives you a nice feeling of what another artist thinks and studies.