Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Been Busy

So I've been pretty busy with school lately so I never had a chance to update (and more importantly, to scan, as I don't have a scanner up at school).  So sorry for the lack of updates, and I think I'll be trying to get at least a weekly update in.

anyways this is a random gag comic strip me and a friend were thinking of doing based on our janitor - it would basically be him thwarting crimes by telling wholly inappropriate stories.  The best part is it writes itself because this guy has told us WAY too much stuff that can't be unheard.
This second is just some quick designs for characters from a comic practice deal I'm doing with the same guy.  He's writing me quick short stories between 5-20 pages and I'm making all the dialogue + frame decisions just to get more practice.  I'll update with a rough copy of it soon.

I was also considering trying to make a silent comic to go along with the song Boombox by Andy Samberg - so I was trying to create a fun cartoon samberg for it haha,  I like the ones that look nothing like him though...
Was trying to make a cool banner for this blog, dunno if i'd actually use that though haha.

some more designs from a comic project I'm working on.  Officer Steel :D

anyways I also scanned a bunch of pages from my notebook from class, that I'll have to smush together into presentable chunks.  I'll post those up later tonight after I get back from class.

anyways expect more timely updates in the future.  And thanks for checking this out :D

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